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Be the creator of your own life. Walk the personal path of life joyfully.
Listen to your own heart - it knows the answers.
Perceive the desires of the soul and give them shape.
We are carried, our projects will succeed. The spiritual world always supports us.
Together we can make a vision come true. It should serve people on their path of development.
Stability, happiness, trust, love and goodwill announce themselves.

Vision & Project / Purpose

The project is called Guia de Camino «WEGWEISER». The land is already available in Urubamba / Peru. The aim of the association Netzwerk-Licht.ch is to support the construction, furnishing and maintenance of the Health House.
In the future, various therapists from home and abroad will work in the Health House.
As Netzwerk-Licht.ch is a non-profit organisation, the profits generated flow entirely into this project!
Help to create a reality out  ft he vision! Thank you very much.



4704 Niederbipp

CH48 0900 0000 1535 6075 8

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