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Behind the association Netzwerk-Licht.ch is a group of like-minded persons, who all work voluntary basis to make this vision a reality. The founding team introduces itself briefly:


Kurt Schibler

Founder /

Spiritual Healer & Wisdom Teacher


He has been leading meditation groups for years. Since childhood he has had mediumistic experiences and for many years he has developed his mediumistic abilities and trained himself on a broad basis. He has been working as a spiritual healer at home and abroad for over 35 years.

Thanks to his finely trained sensitivity and mediumship, he understands how to empathise with the nature of people in order to help and heal the development of the individual. Today he leads seminars and groups at home and abroad with great success and gives individual sessions.

Since 1988 he has gone to Peru every year for 5-7 weeks to work there. First he was a tour guide for 3 weeks in his second home country. Afterwards he gave lectures, seminars and also treated patients there, especially in Lima, Arequipa, Cusco and Ica.

Kurt was the initiator and promoter of the non-profit association "Sonnenschein", which supported various projects for abandoned children and orphans in Peru.


Ursula Happel

President / Secretariat


I was born and grew up in Zurich. Until today I have lived and worked in various cantons and abroad. What has accompanied me everywhere, however, was and is the theme of healing. Nature gives me a lot of healing power, the forest, the open sky above me, the light in all its colours, the silence.

For many years, the association "Sonnenschein" organised healing masses in the Catholic church of Möhlin and later in Waldhaus meetings in the community of Etziken. So I was allowed to witness again and again how a deep cleansing was carried out through the flow of healing powers.

I am committed to the Health House in Urubamba because I am convinced that this project will be a precious contribution to promote health and peace. We can do much more for our own balance if we allow ourselves to be happy and take care of life.

Claudine Kraska



I grew up in Alsace and came to Switzerland in 1989 to work. The path to spirituality and mediumship only opened up for me in 2007 when I started training as a Qigong teacher. One of my teachers was a shaman and through him I got to know the spiritual world.

It was like a matter of course for me that the spiritual world is a part of us. Later, in the meditation group with Kurt Schibler, much more knowledge and experience was added. We are guided. When I listen to my inner guidance, it whispers prayers, loving and positive texts that I write down and share with others. Not only once I could witness that texts I read out or distributed were meant for the person who chose the text or a person who listened.

I thank all spiritual helpers from the bottom of my heart. The spiritual path of light, which speaks the language of the heart, is my path and my conviction.


Peter Brandt    Recording Secretary / Social Media


My name is Peter Brandt-dit-Siméon. I am married, have 5 children and have been in the insurance business for 44 years. My hobbies include sports and exercise (yoga, biking, Vitaparcour, swimming, meditating, ...) and motorcycling. I have an interest in esoteric topics. Out of gratitude contribution to project and a little collaboration in the board of directors.


Lena Michel    Associate / Energetic Cleaning


As a child, I had "blowouts" again and again. At that time I did not know that I had already transformed negative energies. I only became aware of this much later....

My husband and I had a beautiful family. We were allowed to accompany 3 healthy children on their own way out into life.

At the age of 44 I met a healer and was instructed by him how to contact the divine light force in space. He taught me how to let this light power flow from above through the whole body and continue to flow from the hands and pass it on to someone who needs it at the moment and as much as it may be. And I also pass on this light power in the feet to the earth, animal and plant world.

Among my tasks I count the numerous intercessions for other people. Cleansing on all levels belong to my activities as. People with psychological problems may be helped. I am very devoted to people and feel a deep love for humanity. I can accept everyone as they are.


Hüsniye Karatas    Associate


My name Hüsniye is ancient Arabic and means beauty. I was born in Anatolia and grew up in a large family. I have one sister and two brothers. I came to Switzerland when I was 21. Now I have two grown-up daughters and two small grandchildren.

I met Kurt in his shop when my daughters were small. Several years ago I realised what he was talking about when it came to energies. I needed and received help. So I was allowed to gather many positive experiences and I feel much better now.

I am in the Netzwerk-Licht.ch association because I meet good people here and can exchange experiences. This is important to me because it makes me feel very well. I want to support this project Health House in Peru out of gratitude to God. And because the people in the association are important to me. Even a little help can make a big difference in a country like Peru.


Marlise Hager    Associate


I grew up in a small village in the canton of Aargau, together with three younger siblings. Our parents got us interested in nature, animals, plants and the mountains at an early age. As a child, I got to know a herbalist. When we were ill, she always found the right herbs for us. I was always fascinated by the way she used herbal remedies and put together a mixture for teas or compresses and how these then helped us to get well again.

For many years, I worked as a practice assistant in a small mountain village and spent a lot of my free time in nature and the mountains. Later, my husband and I often travelled in the mountains with our three children. And now our two school-age grandchildren enjoy outdoor activities together.

To this day, nature and the mountains are important sources of strength for me and I am fascinated by trees, wild plants and herbs with their healing properties. They are great gifts of nature and my important teachers.

Through training and further education, I was able to familiarise myself with various "tools" to accompany people therapeutically in their lives. Accompanying people with mild to severe disabilities for several years in a residential home and also privately was a valuable experience in my life that I would not want to have missed.

I got to know Kurt through my husband many years ago. We were both active in the same football club and lived in the same town. After we moved away, we didn't see each other for many years until I met him again on a hike in the Jura. He told me about his trips to Peru, how he was travelling with groups in this country and also about the projects he was supporting. Hearing about Peru, my dream country, fascinated and inspired me at the time.

In March 2020, when I was planning my trip with a three-month stay in Peru, Kurt gave me lots of important tips and addresses. That was enormously helpful and I'm still grateful to him today. Unfortunately, my big adventure was brought to an abrupt end by an accident on the first night in a hotel in Lima, and just four days later I was back where I didn't want to be so soon. I received a great deal of help and goodwill from the hotel staff until my journey home.




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