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Behind the association Netzwerk-Licht.ch is a whole group of like-minded...

The founding team introduces itself briefly:

Kurt Schibler


Spirit healer


Kurt Schibler was born on August 9, 1952, is the father of 3 adult children and has 7 grandchildren.


For 30 years he was the owner of the book and stone store WEGWEISER in the village of Biberist near Solothurn.


For years he has been leading meditation groups. Since childhood he had medial experiences and for many years he has been developing his medial abilities and educating himself on a broad basis. He has been working as a spiritual healer in Switzerland and abroad for over 30 years.


Thanks to his finely developed sensitivity and mediumship, he understands how to empathize with the nature of people in order to help and heal the development of the individual. Today he leads seminars and groups at home and abroad with great success and gives individual sessions.


Since 1988 he goes to Peru every year for about 5 weeks to work there. First he is a tour guide for 3 weeks in his 2nd home country. After that he gives lectures, seminars and also treats patients there, mainly in Lima, Arequipa and Cusco.


Kurt is the initiator and promoter of the non-profit association "Sonnenschein", which supports various projects for abandoned children and orphans in Peru.

Media articles

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